My computer seems to be slowing down after it’s lengthy age of only 4 months and it’s starting to bother me. Recently I’ve been researching ways to improve it’s performance and I’ve come across around a billion different answers. I don’t think it’s spyware or anything, as I have McAfee and I run computer scans about once per week. I was hoping someone could post a few links or provide me with some much needed knowledge into what I should be doing about these computer issues. If it helps I’m using a Dell Studio 540 with Windows Vista Home Premium. Feel free to email should my issues be more than a little tricky to deal with…

Best Answer:
You can use a registry cleaner to clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some registry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause “computer slow”.
Every time you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you’ve installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it’s Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make it fast.Good Registry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!
There are some comparison and review of TOP 5 registry cleaners.
You can download and scan your computer for free.