when i turn on my computer the message “spyspotter system defender aborted signature files are missing or have been corrupted” comes up after a few minutes. i have not been able to find anyway of deleting this from my computer. as a result it takes several minutes for my computer to load up. previously it loaded within seconds. help.

Best Answer:
According to your description,there are some regsitry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause “computer slow”.You need to clean you computer.
Every time you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you’ve installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it’s Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make your computer faster.Good Regisry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!It even can speed up your computer by 300% or more!
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