1. What is program start up?
I have tune up utilities and it tells me “disable programs to boost up my PC speed ” I hope that program makes my PC faster because i have used more than 30 programs and they slow down my PC instead of making it faster or some just make it the same.

2.How do you make your computer faster?
I have been downloading every software to make my PC faster but only make my PC slower. Only some of them work but boost the speed by 4%. Is there any program that really works and boost my PC speed be more than 50%?

3. What does CCleaner really do?
Does it make my PC faster by deleting cookies and history?

4. How fast is a normal PC supposed to do?
I think my PC is the slowest but ho fast is a normal PC have to be?

5. What is better Safari 5, or Google chrome?
In the internet is says the best browser is safari 5, but in Google chrome test its really fast. Check it out:

6. Where can i get a PC with windows 8 enterprise?
I want to get the new windows 8 and a new PC with a 1 TB hard drive. (1000 GB)
Please put question number before answering.

Best Answer
None at this moment.